Graves May Settles IRS Tax Debt

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Graves May, PLLC is a local law firm that specializes in tax controversy and settling your tax debt.  Recently, the attorneys at Graves May successfully settled a client’s tax debt for pennies on the dollar by submitting an acceptable offer-in-compromise.  After working with the IRS for over one-year, the IRS accepted a lump-sum payment in full satisfaction of the taxpayer’s debt.

Do not be fooled, the IRS does not settle and discharge tax debt on a whim.  The IRS has specific procedures that a taxpayer must follow in order to submit an offer for review.  Despite what the commercials say, many offer’s are rejected because they fail to meet the IRS’ standard for review or do not represent the taxpayer’s real financial situation.  The success of an offer-in-compromise varies from case-to-case.  The key to working with the IRS is to have experienced, local advisers that know the tax code and know the offer process.  Rick Graves and Kevin May, the partners of Graves May, PLLC, have years of experience in tax controversy and successfully settling federal and state tax debts.

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